Torchlight, nuova patch online

Non finisce il lavoro di supporto e bilanciamento per Torchlight II. L’ottimo action gdr di Runic Games infatti, si aggiorna alle versione 1.14.X.5. La patch è già disponibile su Steam.
Ne dà notizia la stessa software house e qui ci sono i dettagli. A seguire i la lista dei cambiamenti in lingua inglese che riguardano parecchi aspetti del game-play.


  • Intel HD graphics cards should not show ghosting/smearing effects if shadows are enabled


  • LARGE performance optimization to buff/debuff bar displays when there are a large number of overlapping, nonexclusive effects (damage over time, and duration based effects or knockback )


  • Shield Bash bonus damage now deals the stated amount(charged and uncharged)
  • Wolfpack will properly strike turrets
  • Bonuses due to proximity now always expire properly
  • Damage bonuses/reductions for Battle Rage properly expire
  • Fixed Critical Hit bonuses on some effects not properly incorporating bonuses to crit
  • Pet damage bonuses are applied to effects


  • Three Sisters zone now has an appropriate level range for proper NG+ reward scaling
  • Various issues resolved in Luminous Arena in multiplayer
  • Level determinism fixed (Was broken with precacheing in previous patch – could result in triggerable elements and some structural elements re-randomizing on load, or in multiplayer)


  • Set reward for Inquisitor set altered to a functional bonus
  • Fixes to the summon skull proc on equipment (prevents it from spawning exactly on a target)
  • Effects based on proximate monsters now work properly with socketables
  • DOTs were not properly attributing experience if the effect was applied from an item instead of a skill


  • Target Dummy is Charm resistant
  • Fixed issue where rebinding Close All Menus could lock you in pause mode
  • Fix for shift-click casting a left-click spell and then selecting an item (would previously auto-attack)
  • Pet enhancing bonuses work more consistently for pets attached to OTHER pets


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