Super Street Fighter IV Arcade, in arrivo la patch 1.07 per la versione pc

La versione pc di Super Street Fighter IV Arcade avrà una nuova patch. La 1.07 ha passato i controlli e sarà disponibile la prossima settimana e sarà disponibile su Steam e Game For Windows Live. A seguire le novità del picchiaduro di Capcom in lingua inglese.


  • In the Car Crusher stage, a bug that made it impossible to advance has been fixed. Against specific characters, a bug that caused Juri to pass through her opponents when they were hit at point blank range with close standing medium punch has been fixed
  • Against specific characters, a bug that caused Dee Jay to pass through his opponents when executing close standing heavy kick super canceled into heavy Sobat Carnival has been fixed
  • Against Sagat, a bug that caused Cody’s EX Bad Stone to miss when Focus Attack Lv. 3 -> Dash -> EX Bad Stone was performed has been fixed
  • In SSFIV AE, a bug where Dudley’s Step Straight caused an opponent’s hit animation to not operate as expected has been fixed.


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