New Star Soccer 5 si aggiorna alla versione 1.04, aggiunto l’italiano

Aggiornamento per New Star Soccer 5. Il divertente gioco calcistico indie realizzato da Simon Read dal forte sapore retro e dalle numerose peculiarità arcade e gestionali va alla versione 1.04, corregge numerosi bug, aggiunge e migliora alcune caratteristiche. Ad esempio, adesso è inclusa la traduzione in italiano.
Il download, obbligatorio per giocare, è di circa 40 mb. Il gioco è disponibile su pc Windows e Mac. Da IlVideogioco ha avuto un’ottima valutazione: 9/10.


Version 1.04


  • Fixed African WC qualifying dates causing crash at start of Year 3
  • Added language option
    -Includes English, Portuguese-Brazil, Polish, Italian, Dutch
  • Updated network code
  • Fixed Web Profile from being case sensitive
  • Fixed F1 starting a replay in training
  • Player must confirm if he wants to skip match
  • Added option for a gamepad assigned to 2nd port
  • Fixed friends horse racing not counting as spending time with friends
  • Fixed horse prize money not updating
  • Fixed fans being disappointed with your performance if you were the Star Man
  • Fixed post-match interviews occurring after skipping a match


  • Player can move during goal kicks/keeper kicks
  • Fixed COM shooting from free kicks when too far out
  • Fixed goal kicks dropping short
  • Advanced control scheme does not rotate arrow during setpiece if using analogue control stick
  • Cursor rotation from corners fixed
  • Fixed crash when viewing formation after a sending off
  • Fixed player being able to request position change after being sent off
  • Fixed not coming on as a sub when watching match
  • Fixed player getting stuck near corner flag and stopping an opponents corner kick
  • Improved keeper AI
  • Fixed frequency of bizarre hair colours for com players
  • Free kick awarded if set piece taker passes ball to himself
  • Fixed very short passes not counting in stats
  • Reduced rain volume
  • Fixed adoring fans cheering you at away games


  • Updated Afghan, Andorran, French, Honduran, Spanish & USA (thanks Toni Sagués Bosch)
  • Updated Polish clubs (thanks Damianii)
  • Updated Skonto stadium location






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