Killzone 3, Guerrilla rilascia la patch 1.10

Patch 1.10 per Killzone 3. Lo sparatutto di Guerilla Games, esclusivo per PlayStation 3, si aggiorna con numerose caratteristiche aggiuntive e correzione di vari bug. Adesso, tra le altre cose, si potrà riprodurre la propria playlist mp3 durante le partite.
A seguire la lunghissima lista (in lingua inglese) delle modifiche.


  • Custom Games, Part 2. Additional information can be found at the bottom of the article, but it will include: choosing abilities, weapons and careers, as well as toggling functionality such as ribbons, skills and explosives.

  • Squad Only Chat. This is still an experimental feature and may not always function as expected.
  • Playing Audio/Music from your PS3 during MP games.

Marksman Improvements:

  • Cloak rippling effect has been increased.
  • Cloak now ripples with increased intensity when firing non silenced weapons.
  • Transition from uncloaked to cloaked has been extended.
  • A cloak fade transition between moving and not-moving has been introduced (player no longer snaps out of view).
  • Distance Indicator for off-screen medics.
  • Matchmaking. We will now make players switch faction automatically at the end of a round if teams are unbalanced. Note that this will only affect players that are not in a squad or that have sent an invite to create a squad, and that it will not happen at all in Clan games or Custom Games.
  • You can now only submit another grief report for the same person if at least 7 minutes have elapsed since the previous one.


Single Player Campaign

  • Icy Incursion/Providence Bay: Cutscene between last two sections has overlapping audio.


  • Stahl Arms: Fixed Helghast Bots running into the ISA basecamp to get killed by base turrets.

User Interface

  • Silent Footsteps icon skill now displays properly.
  • Updated invitation messages for squad invites.
  • Clans: Tournament boards for ‘All Time’ now update properly.
  • Player’s PSN ID is shown in the lobby instead of the PS3 console’s user name.
  • Fixed the Statistics screen – progression bars update properly now.
  • Implemented a minimum match count (15 matches) for Clans to enter the Leaderboard.


  • Improved performance on Salamun Market.
  • Fixed an issue where a squad invite would send players to the wrong squad.
  • Clans: Fixed a crash upon entering a clan match and immediately quitting the match.
  • When entitled to the “3 unlock points” bonus multiple times you’ll now receive all those unlock points at once instead of only 3 each time you log in.
  • Exoskeletons no longer look broken after repairing them and getting in.
  • Some audio fixes for Brutal Melee.
  • Fixed several graphical glitches.
  • Fixed several collision issues and spots where players were able to escape the bounds of the map – in Kaznan Jungle, Pyrrhus Crater, Akmir Snowdrift, Bilgarsk Boulevard, MAWLR Graveyard and Bloodgracht.
  • Akmir Snowdrift: Fixed issues where ISA members were able to reach the Helghast basecamp and also reach the second objective area, during the first round of Operations.
  • MAWLR Graveyard: Fixed an issue where ISA sentry drones would crash en route to the spawn location.
  • Stahl Arms: Altered the boundaries for the western capture point to make them more realistic.
  • The Junkyard: Fixed a couple of ammo crates that were unreachable from certain sides.
  • Frozen Dam: Fixed the issue of ISA players being able to deliver the speaker through the floor by jumping on top of an ammo crate.



  • Warzone Mission Timers can now be altered. Added times varying from 4 to 60 minutes for missions.
  • Guerrilla Warfare received additional options to the Kill Count: 10, 25, 75, 100 and 200 kills.
  • Scavenge and Retrieve were removed from the Warzone game mode list, as it is not playable in Warzone.


  • This is a new field where you can choose options for Unlocks. The three options are:

  • As Unlocked (Default): This will take the career unlocks you’ve earned online and give you access to them in the custom games.
  • Lock All: Nothing is unlocked, simulating what a player would see if they started the game at Rank 1 with no unlock points.
  • Unlock All: Everything is unlocked, as it is in Botzone.
  • Custom Unlocks: Configure Unlocks the way you want them.


  • By default all careers are ‘ON’. You can turn every career ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ that, but one career must be selectable at all times.


  • Other game settings can be configures here. Options available to you are:

  • Primary Weapons: Choose between All Weapons/Only Rank 1 Weapons/Rank 1 & 2 Weapons.
  • Secondary Weapons: Choose between All Weapons/Only Rank 1 Weapons/Rank 1 & 2 Weapons. Please note that this will be grayed out if ‘Lock All’ is selected under Career Unlocks.
  • Primary Abilities: Choose between All Abilities/Only Rank 1 Abilities/Rank 1 & 2 Abilities.
  • Secondary Abilities: Choose between All Abilities/Only Rank 1 Abilities/Rank 1 & 2 Abilities. Please note that this will be grayed out if ‘Lock All’ is selected under Career Unlocks.
  • Explosives: Choose between All Explosives/Grenades Only /Prox. Mines Only/None.
  • Friendly Fire: Choose ON or OFF.
  • Skills: Choose ON or OFF.
  • Ribbons: Choose ON or OFF.
  • Melee: Choose ON or OFF. This can turn off all forms of Melee, including Brutal Melee and Rifle Butts.

Enhanced Mission Settings

  • Each mission mode in Warzone has an additional setting to configure:
  • Assassination – Survive Time: This will add 2, 3, 4 and 5 minutes.
  • Search and Retrieve – Speaker Returns: This will allow for additional or less returns (1, 2, 4 and 5 returns).
  • Search and Destroy – Diffuse-Place Explosive Time: This will allow for a modifier to adjust the time (half time, double time, triple time).
  • Bodycount – Kill Count in Warzone: This will allow for additional kills (50, 75, 100 or 200).
  • Capture and Hold – Capture Points: This will allow for more or less points needed to win.


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